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Executive RecruiterWhen helping individuals find their “perfect” job, a natural consequence of that effort is their employer asking me if I can find another individual who would also be a “perfect fit” for their organization.  I do not solicit this work but offer it as an adjunct service to my career coaching.  This service is extremely time consuming and, as a result, it is only available on a retainer basis.

I utilize a five step process that results in the employment of the most qualified candidate who will be an excellent long term fit for the organization. My process utilizes in-depth position analysis, personality assessment and career preference, an extensive network of business and personal contacts, a unique face–to–face interviewing and practical exercise process involving current employees, and an extensive background check.  I am so confident in our results that I offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

If your organization would be interested in discussing this service with me in more detail, please call or email me.