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Has your high school student ever asked:

  • “Is college REALLY right for me or should I be doing something else?”
  • “Which college is right for me?”
  • “What field of study should I pursue?”

What high school senior hasn’t asked themselves these questions?  After all, they’ve lived at home and gone to school with the same group of students and friends for 12 years and now everyone is going in a different direction.  They have to begin doing what high school has prepared them to do:  make choices!  But are they really prepared to do that?  Probably not.  They’ve lived in a protective environment all their lives.  They’ve been fed, clothed, housed, and given spending money by someone else.  Why on earth should they be expected, let alone prepared, to make life altering decisions?  The decisions they’re about to make will change their lives forever.  Why leave that to chance?  Why speculate on what you feel is best for you or your child?  My process can help them discover what will be the most rewarding and fulfilling future path for them.  The work we’ll do together will last a lifetime.  They will not only become a more productive member of society but will enjoy a rewarding career far beyond their expectations. Contact me today to discuss how I can help you begin a rich and rewarding college experience.