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College StudentIf you’re a college student, have you ever asked yourself:

  • “What should my major REALLY be?”
  • “How can I find professors that I really enjoy learning from?”
  • “Why don’t I fit in at this school?”
  • “What kind of work should I do AFTER I graduate?”

Good news!  You’re not alone!  The college student who hasn’t asked themselves these questions is the EXCEPTION rather than the rule.  That’s right; almost every college student at one time or another has asked the very same questions.  Our society has conditioned us to expect the “college experience” will provide enough academic exposure to get us started on the path to a rich and rewarding career.  In truth, colleges provide knowledge, nothing more.  It’s up to YOU to determine what to do with that knowledge, and therein lies the disconnect!  Imagine how much more rewarding and effective your college experience would be if you knew BEFORE you started college what environment best suited your learning style and what kind of work you should be doing when you graduate?  Imagine how happy you and your parents would be if you didn’t have to “experiment” academically in order to find the right course work for you?  Imagine how much money (2008 college graduates left with an average debt load of $23,200) and time would be saved by not having to take additional courses to find out what it is you should be doing in life.  Contact me today to discuss how I can help you begin to achieve a rich and rewarding college experience.