CareerPathfinder, LLC

Discover YOUR unique career pathway

The CareerPathfinder Process

My confidential, customized coaching process starts by discovering your talents through conversation and the use of proven assessment tools.  I want to hear about your expectations; your dreams for the future, what energizes you, what may be blocking you from reaching your goals, and what has given you joy in your life.

After learning what it is you’d like to achieve from our work together, you’ll take part in a highly sophisticated, 45 minute, online assessment.  This assessment program includes testing, analysis, and feedback that will provide clinical insight into who you are and what path will be most productive for you to follow in the future.

Next, we’ll create a framework for your future.  We’ll build a plan for change that will specifically define the activities and the timetable necessary for you to achieve your personal goals.

Finally, once we’ve completed the first three steps we’ll begin the most important part of the process: working together to implement your plan for the future, a plan that will give your daily life more purpose and passion than you’ve experienced in the past.  Over time we’ll continue to improve, refine, and add innovative activities to maximize the effectiveness of your plan.


You can expect to be working with a dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable professional who has been where you are.  Regardless of your circumstances, you can be confident knowing that I am a capable professional who has a sincere interest in helping you get the most out of life.

It is not necessary for us to meet in person.  I coach the majority of my clients over the phone.  Downloading Skype will give you access to a resource that adds a tremendous degree of personalization to our conversations.

We offer career services for:

Business Executives / Working Adults

College Students

High School Students and Parents