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Tom Linacre in the ClassromTom is a talented executive whose experience includes start-up and turnaround success with domestic and international companies. As a result of his firsthand knowledge of finance, human resources, marketing, operations and sales, Tom is able to provide guidance and a keen analytical insight into solutions for his clients. In addition, Tom is certified as a life, leadership and career coach from Coach University Inc. and an authorized practitioner with CPP Inc., the premier provider of career assessment tools. Tom has served as a General Manager, Managing Director, National Marketing Manager, Project Controller, Salesperson, Graduate Business School Professor and Consultant. Tom is a graduate of Coach University’s Executive Career Coaching Program and a certified practitioner for all CPP Inc. career assessment tools.

During his 40+ years in business Tom has learned that each of us has a natural ability to do something extremely well. In addition, there are specific personality traits that are uniquely conducive to success for every profession. Over the life of his career, Tom has witnessed the effectiveness of putting the right type of person in the right job. As a result, the philosophy he’s adopted over the years has always been “start right by hiring right”. That is the most important decision an employer can make. However, individuals seldom think in terms of “start right by accepting the job that’s right”. Unfortunately, too often, we accept a job offer for more money or responsibility only to eventually feel unfulfilled or, worse, become unemployed. It is now Tom’s passion to prevent accidental career choices.

After graduating from college Tom really didn’t know what career to pursue. That was very unsettling for him. Don’t most college students expect that at the end of their schooling they’ll know exactly what career path will be the most rewarding for them? Through the help of a former professor, Tom did some career assessment work and discovered a career path to follow. Because he didn’t have a trusted advisor who could show him the wisdom of following that path, he ignored it. Fifteen years later, Tom found himself asking the same question, “What is it that I REALLY should be doing with my life?” Again, he did some career assessment work. And don’t you know the same career path was suggested! Tom realized that vocation would have been the perfect path for him, but he had family and financial obligations that prevented him from pursuing that career. If he’s had a career coach available to him he could have avoided a lot of anxiety and frustration in his professional life. Perhaps you can better understand why leading people to discover what they’re naturally gifted to do is such a passion for him.