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Discover YOUR unique career pathway

Tom LinacreHello, I’m Career Coach Tom Linacre. You may be asking yourself, “What’s a Career Coach?” Good question. Simply put, I’ll help you discover your natural gifts and your most fulfilling career choice.

Whether you’re a high school student deciding on a college, a college student choosing a major, or a working adult contemplating a career change, I’ll advise you on the wisest choice for you.

What can I do for you? First, I’ll bring astonishing clarity to your life, clarity regarding your unique gifts and personality. Each of us has a unique set of gifts that are best suited to a unique vocation. Together, we’ll explore the vocations that will be the best fit for you.

37% of High School graduates planning to attend college have no idea what major course they should pursue. As a result, most college students will take 5 to 6 years to graduate because they change majors so many times! (Source: National Education Association.

Even more alarming is that 62% of college graduates have no idea what career will be the most rewarding for them! (Source: The Stanford Research Institute)

Finally, at least 76% of working adults aren’t in the job they’re best suited for and have no idea why. (Source: Society for Human Resource Management)

People need better direction. If this sounds like your situation, my custom-tailored, professional career coaching process will cut through the forest of career choices.

You might be asking, “Why do business with Tom?”  Early on in my life I went on the same journey of self-discovery and found it an extremely rewarding pursuit. Today, I have over 40 years of business experience in a variety of positions, cultures, countries and industries.

Experience is an essential skill for a Career Coach.  While friends and parents mean well, most don’t have the expertise to determine the best career path for you. My objective analysis will enable you to discover your innate vocational abilities. You won’t find this skill with a less experienced Career Coach.

I received my professional coaching certification from Coach University Inc., one of the most prestigious personal coaching organizations in America.  CPP Inc. has also certified me as one of its authorized practitioners for many of their proprietary career assessment tools.

Hiring a Career Coach is an important decision; one you don’t want to trust to an amateur. Please contact me for a complimentary evaluation. I’ll help you make a wise choice.